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Why Use the Assistance of a Professional Power Washing Company to Clean Concrete?

To properly clean concrete, you can use the skills of the expert team of our local power washing company. Each specialist is equipped with a power washer that has a pressure rating of a minimum of 3000 psi and a flow rate of 4 gallons per minute. Even though higher pressure could be needed to remove tough stains such as paint or tire skid marks, most power-washing service providers will agree that 3000 psi should be enough to do the trick for nearly every cleaning job.

Once sufficient water pressure has been established, the flow rate will determine the cleaning speed, especially how quickly surface contaminants are flushed off. You can blast away using 10,000 psi, however, should you only have a flow of 2 gallons every minute, you will end up with a pile of mud. Which is why badly soiled concrete needs higher flow rates.

We, at Affordable Pressure Washing of Macon, GA, recommend a power washer that has a volume output of 5 to 6 gallons per minute. When cleaning surfaces which are vertical, higher flow rates will not be as important, due to the fact gravity will help contaminants flow down the surface. Cleaning speed can be increased with the aid of a rotary nozzle instead of a more traditional fan nozzle. Rotary nozzles will spin un-deflected water jets in a circular motion, so the water will leave the nozzle at greater speeds.

Power washers that use cold water are cheaper, lighter, and easier to use than hot water models, these need a heating coil and burner system in order to heat the water properly. Whereas cold-water models weigh around 200lbs, against the counterparts which can weigh a whopping 400lbs plus.

The biggest advantage with hot water models is they will clean faster than their cold-water counterparts. Even though cold-water models can remove dirt, ask any power washing company and they will tell you, that using hot water is worth the added expense.

So if you have a surface or driveway which is heavily soiled, call Affordable Pressure Washing, the finest local power washing company in Macon, GA, at (478) 308-7891, today.