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What Does a Pressure Washing Service Provider Have to Offer?

A pressure washer is a device which can clean various different surfaces using extreme water pressure. Pressure washers are not a new invention and have been around for many years, however, they have only become more affordable in the last few years. Most homeowners will either buy one or use a professional pressure washing service. Maybe you have a wooden deck that is in great need of cleaning and repainting or your concrete driveway is badly stained. Whatever your issue is, a pressure washer can help you.

Pressure washers can provide significantly more water pressure than your everyday garden hose. In a matter of fact, many domestic pressure washers will actually need a garden hose and its water. A pressure washer will increase your garden hose’s pressure by 50 times or more. Not only will this help clean better, but it will also reduce the amount of water you will use.

The main job of a pressure washer is to increase the pressure from a garden hose and then concentrate the water into a more pressurized stream. The machine does this by using an electric or gas powered engine which will run a pump. This pump will act like a compressor and allow the pressure washer to be more concentrated and pressurized. After the water is run through the pump, it will exit the pressure washer via a hose. A trigger will allow the user to spray the stream in short or long bursts or in a continuous spray. The intensity of the stream can be adjusted on many pressure washers.

Pressure washers are available in numerous different types. Gasoline ones are rated between 5-7 horsepower and can maintain a higher pressure than their electric counterparts. Electric washers are more suited to jobs where there is no need to blast a surface you want to clean. For instance, when washing your home’s windows, using a gas powered pressure washer will be slightly overkilling. An electric washer would be better suited for this type of job.

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